GO NFT Will be listed 3 CEX and PancakeSwap exchange after presale end

(*) Rate Sale: 0.05 BNB = 500 GON

(*) Minium buy 0.01 BNB - 10 BNB

(*) Max Supply: 9,800,000 GON

(*) Your friends who buy through your link receive 100% commission.

Refer your friends and claim bobus

(*) Referral friend claim 8 GON

(*) You receive 8 GON

(*) Refferral no limit bonus

On the mission to bring
NFTs to the mainstream

GoNFTs is the NFT marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain focusing
highly on user experience and ease of use to Create, Buy, Sell and use NFTs.

Create NFT with ease

One click and your NFT is created. Set a price and start earning, NFT auction will come next.

GON Farming & Royalties

You can earn GON Token for selling and buying NFTs. Use royalties for secondary sales.

NFT Launchpad

For those artists that don't have big following there will be launchpad to give exposure.

How to create an NFT on BSC

1. Connect your wallet

Use Trust Wallet or Metamask to connect to the app

2. Create your NFT

Upload your NFTs and
set the price

3. Start earning BNB

Earn BNB and GON for all your NFTs that you sell


Token economy is built around the GON Token, a unit of value on the platform that enables token holders to use applications on this platform, participate in network governance, and earn additional token rewards by using this project.